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Enovate sought me out when they first started their business to help them with full logo and brand design. Website design and build, profile documents for pitching to new clients, and advertising and promotions followed. With my help, Enovate was able to establish a strong and cohesive brand that resonates with their target market.



Type of Work

Logo design


Web design

Web build

Profile Document



Social Media

The web design for Enovate's website is tailored to their specific branding. It allows for ease of adding projects in the future, while also helping to attract new clients. The website also helps Enovate keep track of projects, and gives potential employees a sense of the company's professionalism and success. Ultimately, this web design will help the designer's business reach its full potential.

As a designer, I understand the importance of presenting yourself and your portfolio professionally. I offer a document service to  showcase your projects, as well as help you with pitching for business. My documents are tailored to you and are professional and attractive to clients, ensuring that you make a great impression.

At I.C Design, my mission is to create unique designs that speak to the individual needs of my clients. I am an experienced designer with a passion for helping others bring their ideas to life. Whether you need invitations, logos, websites, or something completely outside the box, I am here to help. With my quick turn-around times and attention to detail, I can provide you with the perfect design solution for all of your needs.

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