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Hemprino came to me in need of a logo, and brand guidelines to reflect its luxurious image. I worked with Hemprino to create a distinctive style that looks great on clothing, labels, and other branding materials. With my expertise the logo perfectly captures the essence of Hemprino's luxury brand.



Type of Work

Logo design

Brand guidelines




Hemprino is a high-end fashion brand creating beautiful knitwear from a unique blend of Hemp and Merino. We have developed a logo that is both stylish and subtle, allowing Hemprino customers to stand out whilst maintaining a sense of elegance. The logo is carefully embroidered onto the knitwear, resulting in a statement piece that is sure to turn heads. Hemprino takes great pride in producing fashionable pieces that our customers can be proud to wear.

Our branding services will provide your company with a luxe, sophisticated look that will take your brand to the next level. I specialise in creating typography that is both aesthetically pleasing and consistent across all platforms, so that your customers can easily recognise your brand wherever they go. Additionally, I will create clear guidelines to ensure that your brand is consistently represented in all future marketing materials.

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